To leave your comment on the book or to submit an error or omission, please send an email to my email address as published in the paper book. I will review all suggestions and post the ones that other readers need to see.

These webpages are meant to provide feedback on my book “Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010″. You will be able to see all errata in the book as an extra service to you, as the reader.

In an audacious move (one I may end up regretting), I promised on page i (roman numbering) a reward of $20 for readers of the book who are the first person to submit a particular “Technical Error” or “Serious Omission” in the book. As of April 2011, I have started paying for contributions; Pierre Martinelli was the first person to receive $20 cash for a correction of an error he suggested. In addition to paying you the cash, I will post your name as the contributor, if you want that.

I would like to clarify that the following things do not qualify as either a “Technical Error” or “Serious Omission”:

  • Typos and grammatical errors
  • Page layout issues
  • Obscure uses of Project 2010 (the issue needs to be a “typical use-case scenario”).
    It is impossible for us to test all possible situations or creative uses of MS Project.
  • Language-pack related issues (we only tested the English language version since the book was written in English).
  • Bugs in Microsoft Project
    We cannot take responsibility for bugs; we can only (report them to Microsoft and) describe them to you with a work-around if one exists.

We look forward to your submissions! We reserve the right to edit your submission (to make them clearer) or to not post (abusive submissions). Please start each submission with the page number you wich to comment on. Thank you!

Eric Uyttewaal, author of “Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010″

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