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Book Errata

Forecast Scheduling 2013


Forecast Scheduling 2010

p629 Set Options first before trying the udpate methods

The Section "Choosing the Options for Updating Tasks" should be placed in front of “The Quickest Way to Update tasks in Your Schedule” and “The Thorough Way to Update tasks in Your Schedule”. Indeed I assume that what you wrote on pg 630 takes into account the recommended settings of pg 632.

Kind regards,
Marc Rottiers
Civil Engineer

Page 457+458: redirect (November 24 2011)

The Critical Path 2.0 standard is not published on Instead the standard was published on the PMI-SCOP (Scheduling Community of Practice) in the Wikis section. You can access it by:

  • browsing to
  • logging in with your own PMI membership
  • clicking Community, Wikis, All Pages and you will see the Critical Path 2.0 standard listed

Feel free to contribute to the standard by editing the document; it is a wiki after all!

Page 525 and 730 erroneous check 9.10 (November 18, 2011)

Check 9.9 is listed in the book as “Resource-Critical Path: …” but this should not have been listed as check 9.9. Check 9.10 should have been check 9.9.

Page 645: Split in-Progress tasks and "retained logic" (April 8 2011)

As opposed to previous versions, Project 2010 does not allow you to “retain logic” and always seems to apply “progress override”; remaining duration of the task and its successors are moved back to the status date.

Page 616: Screenshot: "Start" should be "Scheduled Start" (April 8 2011)

Unlike as shown in the screenshot:

  • Start should be Scheduled Start
  • Finish should be Scheduled Finish

Otherwise, the filter will not work and will produce an error. The fields Start and Finish are text fields in Project 2010 instead of date fields, which was necessary for the Manually Scheduled tasks new feature in Project 2010 (that allows you to write text into the Start and Finish fields). In previous releases, the Start field was a date field, and in Project 2010 this field was renamed to Scheduled Start. Similar for the Finish field.

Page 598 step 4: "Click ribbon Project" should be "Click ribbon View" (April 8 2011)

First submitted by Pierre Martinelli

Page 302: Enterprise Team Member (January 24 2011)

The filter on the field Enterprise Team Member does not work in Project 2010 as it did in Project 2007; you cannot filter the project team members as described in Project 2010.

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