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List of Consulting Areas

ProjectPro is specialized in 3 areas of consulting:

Management of Programs / Large Projects
Project Server Implementations
Schedule Improvement

Management of Programs / Large Projects

What to do when you have hundreds of dependencies between the subprojects in your program schedule? This is the type of situation, we specialize in. A typical service engagement for supporting your program looks like this:

  • Provide software licenses:
    • ProjectPro Forecast Scheduling Application (PFSA)
    • CrossLinksPro (formerly PPMS)
    • PathsPro (formerly PCCP)
  • Train subproject managers in best practices of scheduling (Forecast Scheduling)
  • Improve the subproject schedules:
    • Subproject managers use PFSA to check and improve their schedules
    • We review subproject schedules to make sure must-have requirements are met
  • Identify the cross-project dependencies between subprojects:
    • Workshops: each PM states what (s)he needs and from whom
    • Identify handoffs and their names (cross-project dependencies)
  • Create the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS):
    • Identify and optimize Critical Path to next major milestones using PathsPro
    • Repeat this for a number of weeks
  • Transfer knowledge to your program support staff:
    • Train Program Manager and Support Staff in CrossLinksPro and PathsPro
    • Provide as-need support during the entire life of the program

We can customize these services for your program. Call 613-692-7778 (Canada, Eastern Time) to discuss your needs for program management services.

Our solution, CrossLinksPro, will put you, the program manager, in control of your program. It provides a dashboard with the latest forecast dates on all handoffs between the subprojects; see the columns Provider Finish Date and Buffer or Slip in this screen shot:

Worksheet of Cross-Project Links

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Project Server Implementations

Implementing Project Server requires paying attention to technology, business processes and end users. We typically pilot the system to proof the concept and get alignment from all stakeholders as well as to get feedback from the end-users. We can perform for you or help you with:

  • The business analysis for the system
  • The system analysis and design
  • The installation of the software
  • The configuration of the system
  • Establishing the business processes
  • The data migration
We can train your administrators of the system so that your staff feels confident taking ownership of the system.

Additionally, we can train the users in different roles within your Project Server environment: see our course overview. We can customize these courses to suit your configuration and business processes. We will get you up and running with portfolio & project management (PPM).

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Schedule Improvement

ProjectPro has performed over 1,000 schedule evaluations and certifications. We have captured the best practices of scheduling with MS Project in the book "Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project". We can help you:

  • Save time your people spend in MS Project on scheduling projects
  • Improve the quality of your schedules such that they provide the business benefits you are looking for
  • Elevate the level of scheduling maturity in your organization

We treat scheduling as building a valid, robust and dynamic model of your project; a model that continues to forecast your project in terms of time and cost while executing the project. The schedule as a dynamic model of your project allows you to compare against the original plan, the baseline, to determine corrective actions in a timely fashion. A dynamic model allows you to develop what-if scenarios quickly to find the best corrective action efficiently. The result will be that you bring in your project in a timely fashion. When project managers adopt our practices, you, as an executive, will see that more projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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