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ProjectPro has built four applications that enhance the functionality of Microsoft Project (all versions). All applications set themselves up as add-ins inside the Microsoft Project interface (they are not stand-alone applications). All are available as a free, trial version that will last 30 days, click here to navigate to the free download versions:

  • ProjectPro Forecast Scheduling Application (PFSA): This add-in checks your project schedule to verify if you applied the best practices of scheduling with Microsoft Project. These best practices are defined as list of checks. The following out-of-the-box lists can be chosen for your schedule:
    Forecast Scheduling - Time Modeling,
    Forecast Scheduling - Workload Modeling,
    Forecast Scheduling - Cost Modeling  
    DCMA 14-point checklist (Defense Contract Management Agency) 
    GAO (USA) 30 checks from the 'GAO Schedule Assessment Guide'
    For more info, click here.
  • ProjectPro PathsPro: This add-in can find the Critical Path in ANY project schedule, be it a schedule in which you used date constraints or many calendars, a resource-constrained and workload leveled schedule, a master schedule with subprojects inserted, or any combination of these. For more info, click here.
  • ProjectPro CrossLinksPro: This add-in allows program managers to create hundreds or thousands of cross-project links (without the disadvantages of the Links-between-Projects feature) and monitor the performance of these handoffs between the projects in the program. This add-in allows you to create new cross-project links by drag & drop and provides many useful reports on the program. For more info, click here.
  • ProjectPro CurvesPro: This add-in provides an S-curve report on you project at the push of a button. It can produce Earned Value reports and Earned Work reports (if you just have a resource-loaded schedule). For more info, click here.