Project Server implementations

Implementing Project Server requires paying attention to technology, business processes and end-users. We typically pilot the system to proof the concept and get alignment from all stakeholders as well as to get feedback from end-users. We can perform or help you with:

  • Business analysis for the system
  • System analysis and design: features to use, workload balance, scalability 
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Configuration of the system: calendars, templates, fields, views, reports, generic resources
  • Establishing business processes: portfolio and resource management
  • Data migration
We can train your administrators on the system on-the-job so that your staff feels confident taking ownership of the system and keeping it up and running.
Additionally, we can train the different roles of end-users in your Project Server environment: see our course overview. We can customize these courses to suit your configuration and business processes. We will get you up and running with project & portfolio management (PPM).