CrossLinksPro - free software

CrossLinksPro - free software

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CrossLinksPro works with Project 2019 and later. CrossLinksPro allows you to create and manage hundreds of cross-project dependencies with Microsoft Project enhancing its 'Links between Projects' feature. The cross-project dependencies are captured in Excel that provides a dashboard. When you need the integrated program schedule, CrossLinksPro will create the cross-project dependencies in an automated fashion. You can then find the Program Critical Path and optimize it. After you create your reports, CrossLinksPro will replace all cross-project dependencies with Start-No-Earlier-Than constraints, making the schedules standalone again. You can then give these standalone schedules back to the subproject managers for the next round of updating (or store them in your document management system like SharePoint). CrossLinksPro can also convert a set of master and sub schedules into a single program schedule (MPP-file) to send to your client. Some services may be needed when implementing CrossLinksPro.

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Some well-known companies that are currently using CrossLinksPro are: Investors Group (Canada), Noresco (USA), SanDisk (USA)