Forecast Scheduling App - free software

Forecast Scheduling App - free software

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Our Forecast Scheduling App (FSA) works with Microsoft Project 2010, 2013 and 2016. It is a companion product for the textbook "Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project" that has a 86-point checklist in the Summary chapter. FSA automates 65 of the 86 checks. FSA can also perform the 14-point checklist from DCMA. FSA highlights the tasks or resources that violate each check and helps project managers to improve their schedule. Schedule auditors (PMO) can efficiently perform all checks and produce a detailed report in MS Word with FSA.

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Some well-known companies that are currently using FSA are: Investors Group (Canada), ESDC (Employment Social Development Canada) - 2nd largest Canadian Government department, Telus (Canada), DSS (USA), ABT (Canada)