PathsPro - free software

PathsPro - free software

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You will benefit from our add-in for Microsoft Project 2019 and later if you have a resource-constrained project. Our add-in can find the Resource-Critical Path in a resource-constrained schedule, which is hard to do manually. In addition, you will benefit if you find the Critical Paths in your schedules are incomplete or incomprehensible. Our add-in will make your Critical Path complete and explain any gaps in it in an easy-to-read Gantt Chart, all presented within Microsoft Project itself, so you can start optimizing the Critical Path right away. You will always know what your most Critical Path in your schedule is. PathsPro makes MS Project compliant with the 'Critical Path 2.0 Standard'.

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Some well-known companies that are currently using PathsPro are: NASA, Space-X, Noresco