Waterfall Should Have Never Existed! - article

Waterfall Should Have Never Existed! - article

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In the this two-part article (including a download file with the Microsoft Project schedule), I will argue that:

  1. ‘Agile’ is not agile.
  2. ‘Waterfall’ is not the same as Critical Path.
  3. ‘Waterfall’ should never have existed.
  4. Hybrid approaches between ‘Agile’ and ‘Waterfall-that-should-not-be’ should not exist either.
  5. A true hybrid approach between ‘adaptive project management’ (Agile) and ‘predictive project management’ (like Critical Path) should exist, can exist, and does exist. This is most viable.

In other words, be prepared to have your world shaken up a little bit. To entice you to continue to read, I promise to follow my claims with a solution for doing both Agile and Critical Path concurrently. In fact, you do not have to choose between Agile and Critical Path. Both can be done in one schedule!

The download ZIP-file for this article contains the entire article and a Microsoft Project schedule with the views and the formula described in the article. The screenshots were taken from this schedule.